Rainham Customers Scrap Cars

at our Breakers Yard

Bobbing Car Breakers cover Rainham and all surrounding areas with an ethical car recycling service. We can offer you the best prices for unwanted cars in Rainham while making the promise that the vehicle dismantlers at our breakers yard will deconstruct your car or van safely whilst observing strict trade and industry scrap yard guidelines.

Scrapping a vehicle requires that you have to complete instructions included in V5 registration document. This proves that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. We handle DVLA paperwork for Rainham customers ourselves so that they can use the vehicle dismantlers at our breakers yard confidently knowing everything is above-board.

Scrapping your vehicle can, in some cases, work out better than part exchanging older vehicles with local garages to reduce the price you pay for a new car. We’ve heard stories of car dealers offering less than £50 for a car that could have been worth up to 5 times more in scrap value. When our scrap yard and breakers yard offers customers from Rainham a price, we take the age, model and the likelihood of selling recycled parts into consideration.

Fully Licenced Scrap Yard near Rainham

The EU has given UK scrap yard and car recycling facilities specific guidelines which must be followed when a vehicle has reached the end of its functional life. Our breakers yard is licenced by the local Environmental Agency and we are duty bound to make sure that every part of each vehicle is either recycled or disposed of correctly.

We are able to collect your scrap car from your Rainham home or workplace. Our vehicle dismantlers will then start the process of de-pollution at our scrap yard near Sittingbourne. All parts that are still functional will be cleaned up, checked and recycled through our system before being made available to buy at low cost prices for local drivers.

If you have a vehicle to scrap, call our breakers yard now on 01795 421700. Our car recycling specialists can collect from Rainham at a time convenient to you.