Car Recycling Services

in Maidstone

Bobbing Car Breakers cover Maidstone as car recycling specialists. Working out of a scrap yard near Sittingbourne, we have a well-trained team of vehicle dismantlers who make sure as many car or van parts as possible are re-used or recycled instead of being taken to landfill sites in and around the Maidstone area. Like any reputable breakers yard, we uphold our responsibility to run a clean, environmentally-friendly business at all times.

In the past, it was common knowledge that a breakers yard wasn’t the most conscientious of places. Before government regulations were enforced, many a scrap yard would have cars stacked up on others in such a way that fluids, such as motor oil, mercury and antifreeze, used to seep out of them and into the ground below.

This could often filter through to the water table and, for many towns throughout Kent and Medway including Maidstone, some water sources contained dangerous levels of toxicity.

Progression and forward-thinking have become more prevalent for the everyday scrap yard. Vehicle dismantlers, such as Bobbing Car Breakers, now have the infrastructure in place to provide safe car recycling services in Maidstone. All vehicle parts can be fully recycled and, in order to scrap a car legally, our breakers yard has specialised equipment on hand to process the hazardous materials contained within radiators, gearboxes and sumps.

This equipment enables our vehicle dismantlers to go about their business safely whilst avoiding any harm to the local environment in Maidstone and Kent.

By using us as a car recycling centre, you not only receive payment for letting us scrap your vehicle. We try to re-use as many components of your old car as possible as parts for other customers. If you have a vehicle that is a non-runner or an MOT failure, call us today and we’ll collect fit from your Maidstone premises at a convenient time.

We’ll do our utmost to offer a price most other scrap yard companies and vehicle dismantlers in the Kent and Medway areas will find hard to match. Our professional, friendly services make us the go-to breakers yard for customers in Maidstone who are looking for genuine value-for money from local car recycling services.

If you need your car recycling, call us now on 01795 421 700. We offer the best prices on scrap cars in Maidstone and we use ethical recycling practices at our breakers yard.