Recycled Car Parts from our Vehicle Dismantlers

near Gillingham

Bobbing Car Breakers have a large number of customers from the nearby Gillingham area who come to our breakers yard in Sittingbourne to pick up car parts. We can supply parts and components that in some cases are in nearly-new condition.

Our scrap yard sells these parts at a fraction of the cost you would pay direct toa car manufacturer, a dedicated parts shop or a local motor factors.

We save customers thousands of pounds each year. Thanks to our responsiblecar recycling policy, we restrict the amount of non-salvageable materials that end up at landfill sites in Gillingham and the surrounding Kent and Medway areas.

Discounted Parts at our Breakers Yard

Some customers are surprised at the volume of cars that come through our doors and many of the vehicles we handle are less than 5 years old. Often, they have been written off by insurers due to the amount of damage on them. Even so, the car may still have plenty of working parts that we re-sell to customers at discounted prices.

These parts are invaluable to those who can’t afford to pay for brand new parts and need an affordable solution to keep a car on the move. Our vehicle dismantlers and our car recycling team inspect and test all parts. This ensures customers from the Gillingham area always fit products that will provide good service and performance.

Ethical Car Recycling Processes

Car recycling is a service that we pride our reputation on. Our scrapyard is an approved Authorised Treatment Centre. All fuels and fluids are disposed of ethically and we do our best to minimize landfill waste. Drop in to our scrap yard today if you would like to find out more about our car recycling processes.

Bobbing Car Breakers is the scrap yard that covers all areas in Gillingham, Medway and Kent. In recent years, we’ve seen and heard less about car fires and this is largely due to the rise of scrap metal prices.

According to figures issued by the London Fire Brigade, there has been an 80% reduction in weekly car fire reports over the last ten years. The increases in scrap ratesmean that metal is a more valuable commodity than it was in 2005. We will give you a very competitive price for your end-of-life car, van or motorcycle.