The Local Scrap Yard

Serving Chatham and Medway

We are well-known across the Medway area for paying fair prices on scrap cars. Bobbing Car Breakers reclaim end-of-life vehicles for car recycling and our vehicle dismantlers reclaim 90% of working parts which we sell on at a fraction of the cost of new components. Chatham is one of our biggest service areas.

We have an on-site garage at our breakers yard that houses many of the spare parts we recycle from vehicles that pass through our company. Our vehicle dismantlers take apart MOT failures, crashed carsand vandalised vehicles. They recover as many parts as possible, including wing mirrors, fuel pumps, gearboxes, wiper motors and tyres.

A Full Range of Parts at our Breakers Yard

All parts are cleaned and tested before we release them to customers from the Chatham area. We have thousands of vehicles passing through our breakers yard every year so there’s always a good chance we will have the part you are looking for. Our scrap yard accepts all vehicle makes and models in any condition.

We are at hand to help our Chatham clients and we always give an honest opinion on the condition of the part, the colour (if relevant), whether it comes with a warranty and, of course, the price. We are always competitive with prices and match other vehicle dismantlers in the area for cost and reliability.

Discounted Components from our Scrap Yard near Chatham

Many working parts are available for sale and our Sittingbourne scrap yard is only 13 miles away from Chatham. This makes every visit to our car recycling depot worthwhile because of the potential money you could save.

Call us today and find out which nearly-new and fully recycled parts we currently have on offer. Alternatively, call in to our breakers yard where one of our team will be able to help you find exactly what you need for your car.

We’ll also pay you the best local rates for cars that are at the end of their useful working life or which have already given up the ghost. Contact our car recycling team today and we will be only too happy to collect your ELV from anywhere in Chatham or the surrounding area.